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Dr Ben's Evictor Cedar Oil

SolaMist Outdoor Misting System

SolaMist™ Solar Powered Misting System

Because SolaMist is solar powered, it qualifies for a 30% federal tax rebate. So your total out-of-pocket cost is only $349. Compare that to other residential mosquito misting systems!

Remington Solar Powered mosquito and insect misting system technology. Providing comfort and safety for the seasons that insects are simply unbearable. Innovation should serve your lifestyle, not cost you. Our top priority is to provide excellence of product and service. Founded in 2007, SolarMist systems has grown to become the leader in Solar Powered Misting systems for contractors and DIY consumers. We are proud of our products that harness the power of the sun to achieve some pretty amazing feats, leverage more powerful technology than the competition, and we offer a remarkable warranty. We created this website to become your hub for competitive pricing, industry updates, and direct communication with customers, allowing them to make informed decisions concerning insect control and natural solutions. Join families across the country who enjoy turning the power of the sun and toxic pesticide free zones into meaningful comfort in their backyards, RV's and Camping grounds with reliable safety for loved ones, and money back in your wallet.

This Revolutionary Green Insect Misting System will Kill or repel Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks and other annoying little critters from your lawn.
This system is completely solar-powered & portable. "No electricity needed" You can install the SolaMist™ system in your backyard and because it's portable, you can take it with you for insect control at your weekend home, traveling to RV parks or camping.

SolaMist Misting Station

SolaMist Solar Powered Misting Station

Solar Powered Misting Station:
SolaMist for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks:
SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System is a true “game-changer”. This 12-gallon portable unit is completely solar-powered.
It is also Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can use our apps (iTunes or Google) and manage your spray schedules from your smart phone or device.

SolaMist actually kills mosquitoes, spiders, and wasps. Use SolaMist Pro Concentrate (one free bottle included) which will last 5 sprays for 2 weeks with 15 nozzles.

Free Shipping $599.00

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Whats Included in the Kit

SolaMist Accessories

Accessories Include

  • SolaMist “egg shell” unit
  • Touch screen spray schedule controller
  • Solar panel with 9 foot cord and stand
  • 45 feet tubing
  • 15 tube clips
  • 15 spray nozzles
  • 1 T – fitting
  • 1 coupling
  • 2 end cap nozzles
  • 1 hand held remote control for instant sprays
  • 1 SolaMist Pro Concentrate for one fill (approx. 2-4 weeks usage)

You can purchase an additional 45 feet of tubing with an extra 15 nozzles to manage your spray schedule and optimize your concentrate usage.

SolaMist App

SolaMist App

The WIFI-enabled unit gives you the freedom to manage your spray schedule and optimize your concentrate usage…all from the comfort of your smart phone.

iPhone and Android application (available on iTunes and Google).

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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